Difficulty to close my position in MLXOE and PWRME

When I try to close my position in MLXOE, I receive this message.

No open position to close

Trading system aleca signals does not have any open position in symbol MLXOE. Therefore, you can’t place a closing order.

But in my portfolio, the position is still open.

Open Positions:

Action # Symbol Price Date Closed # Price Date Cash Margin Equity P/L

BTO 32,767 MLXOE 0.05 3/21/05 12:51 open 0 0.03 (11:09t) ($1,638) $491 $983 ($655) Close

Could you fix that problem?

This is the same situation with PWRME.

Thanks for your help.

Aleca Signals

This has been fixed. Sorry for the trouble. I intend to automate the handling of symbol chnages, splits, and dividends… soon.

For now, though, these are handled manually, and so you need to alert me when they happen.