How to close leftover positions

I switched from one trading system to another and I guess I didn’t do it right. Now, my broker is showing that 4 long positions from the previous trading system are open but in the opposite direction. So, it looks like the 4 long positions were converted into 4 short positions. The old symbols are not being traded by the new trading system. My broker (MBTrading) has the account set to only accept auto-trade signals. What is the best way to close out those positions without affecting the existing positions and the auto-trade setup? Would it be ok to call the trade desk and have them close the positions?


I’m puzzled by your post because when I look at your account, it is according to my reports 100% in sync with the system you are trading.

So I wonder where you are looking that indicates otherwise.

Could you please send an email to our help desk ( showing a screenshot of the screen that makes you think your account is not in sync?