Dollar sign - but no current paid subscriber

I was looking at Wealth Builder in featured symbol section of dashboard page. It says that system has current paying subscriber and that it is autotraded. But, if you go to the systems page, you will see that it is only autotraded - there is no current subsriber. How is that possible?


Dear Dusan,

I can say that there are subscribers to this system. If you see otherwise, please send me a screenshot of what you are seeing and, if necessary, I’ll forward it to our development team. You can send the screenshot to info at collective2 . com.

- Melissa

Hi, Dusan:

I see what you mean.

On the Dashboard page there is a dollar-sign icon; on the system details page there is not. I think the dashboard page is less finicky - it just looks at whether there are subscribers (whether they have paid yet is not analyzed). This is a bug and we’ll fix it shortly.

Thanks for letting me know.


NP, I’m glad if i can help.