Downloading to Excel

Hi there

Is there a way to easily download a signallers trades to Excel for further analysis please? I have seen the "real trades" data screen for each signaller, but the copy and paste does not link open and closes for each position etc.



After downloading, sort on Symbol, then Time, then B/S. This will put the matching signals under each other. If you want them next to each other, I’m afraid you’ll have to do a little programming. Or, if you have SPSS, you can use Restructure.

Hi Max,

There’s no real easy way. I started to download it using the new Data Services API, but this requires a bit of programming. If it’s a one-time thing, I’d be happy to download it for you and send it by e-mail if you let me know which system(s) you’re interested in.


P.S. Good to see you here on C2!

Many thanks to you both. I’m happy to copy into Excel and sort as I want to do this on an ongoing basis.

One additional (perhaps silly basic question): The cumulative position copies into Excel with the word “pips”; that is, “10,000,295 pips”. Is there a simple way to get rid of the word “pips” and to turn these cells from text fields into numeric fields (other than manual “find and replace”)?



Max, use the SUBSTITUTE function, e.g. if cell L1 contains something like “123 pips”, enter the following in cell M1:

=SUBSTITUTE(L1," pips","")

and it should show: 123

another way is to hit ctrl-A ctrl-H, type " pips" in the “Find what:” field and hit alt-A.

that should get rid of any “pips” text in the entire sheet

If you want to be even faster you can record this sequence as a macro:

alt-T alt-M alt-R, enter a name for the macro, assign a shortcut key, and select “Personal Macro Workbook” under “Store macro in”. Then hit <return> and go through the sequence above, end with alt-T alt-M alt-R.

Make sure you do this on a sheet that contains some cells with" pips" in them, otherwise you’ll get an error.

In addition, the following sequence helps to make the data look nice, after copying and pasting from Internet Explorer to Excel:

(I think I posted this a while ago)

Select all the data (e.g. ctrl-A), and then I go to Format -> Cells -> Alignment, and uncheck “Merge cells”. Sort the data on column J (close date/time) in ascending order (Data -> Sort). Every row should now look similar to a row on the C2 website. The final step is selecting the relevant data and copying and pasting it as “values” (Edit -> Paste Special) to a new sheet.

I find it more convenient to export to Excel instead of copy & paste: Click with the right mouse button on the page, and select Export to Excel (or something like that; my version is in Dutch). Then the cells aren’t merged, but you have to delete many rows and columns.

Such useful techniques, thank you. I will downloading a series of these regularly - once done, I am happy to make the data available to those who want it.

I will be moving from Excel into LISREL format for anyone who wants this too.