Looking for Excel to C2 interface

Hi, C2 Members -

I’m looking for help from anyone who uses Excel to place trades at C2. I would like to provide either a ready-made “product” to other Excel/C2 users, or a template they can use, or even - at a minimum - some specific examples how to do it.

I’m not really an Excel expert, so if you have experience posting trade signals into C2, using the C2 API via Excel, and would be willing to share your hard-won knowledge, you’d earn my eternal gratitude, and - more important - eternal fame in the C2 community.

Please respond here or via email at matthew at collective2.com




Did you ever find any "Excel to C2" code? If so, I would be very interested in using it.




Do you now have any sample framework on an Excel to C2 bridge example to offer for inspiration ? I am highly interested since I already trade with SierraChart which has a built-in spreadsheet but could use also bare Excel with DDE feed

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I’d be happy to help with this. My system is fully automated within Excel/VBA and uses the the API calls to submit orders when a trade is executed. I also leverage XML in Excel to refresh the system equity call automatically throughout the day.

PM me if you are still looking into this. I personally think it would be a great feature and there are endless possibilities having an integrated C2 Excel add-in.