Drawdwn & Risk


I’m newbie to collective2.com.

There is one “Drawdwn & Risk” column in all open orders.

Can any one tell me what is “Drawdwn & Risk”?


If you move your mouse over the grey column head Drawdn & Risk, you’ll get an explanation.

Suppose you buy stocks for a price of $20. Suppose that after you bought it, the price goes down to $11 and then up to $21. On the moment that the price is $11 you’re not sure that it will ever go up again, so this is a risk. If you bought 10 of these stocks the risk is 10 ($20 - $11) = $90, which is not much in the assumed $100,000 account. If you bought 1000 of these stocks then the risk is $9000, which is much more (9% of the account value).