Dual Leverage Strategy Price Coupon

I would like to inform you that for a month, you can subscribe to my Dual Leverage strategy (106804598) at US $ 99, maintaining that price for the next twelve months. The accumulated performance of this strategy is 65.9% since October of last year. Also, I can make available to you, the solid BackTesting that shows this strategy. To do this, contact me directly.
Dual Leverage Strategy

there’s only 1 showing trade and it was held for months. while the chart looks good the price of the system is too expensive for this type of long term trading.

This portfolio is rebalanced once a month. They can change some of its components and will always modify the proportion of each of them within the portfolio. This portfolio is modified during the first two days of each month.

Price is point of view. Depends if someone is trading at 10% or 500% account allocation. The style it doesn’t matter (long or short time trading), risk control and DD on the top matters. I think, based on past data, $99 per month at 100% allocation is OK.