Dual QM18 System

I Would like to introduce Dual QM18 Strategy (106187009). This model always keeps three stocks in its portfolio and is updated or rebalanced once a month. The strategy uses a combination of two factors to determine which stocks will be part of the portfolio: Momentum and Volatility.

Since October of last year, this model has registered a Cumul Return of 46%, with a Profit Factor of 19.2: 1 and a Correlation SP500 of 0.32.

I created a coupon, lowering the subscription price to $ 99 per month. If you are subscribed to my Dual Leverage strategy (106804598), the payment for this subscription will be reduced to US $ 59 per month.
If you are interested in any of my two strategies, I can send you the BackTest from them. That way, you will be able to appreciate its performance in the last years.
https://collective2.com/details/106187009 (Dual QM18 Strategy)
https://collective2.com/details/106804598 (Dual Leverage Strategy)