Email Signal Entry Available

A few system developers have requested the ability to submit new signals to C2 via email. I’ve been hesitant to provide such a capability, because of the unreliable nature of email.

But enough of you have asked, loudly enough, and so here it is: you can now submit your orders to C2 by sending an email to us. It’s all very new, and very beta.

Keep in mind the obvious shortcomings of email: there can be no guarantee about how fast your email will arrive. So this is only acceptable for systems that enter trades before the markets open, etc. I suppose it’s cool if you’re sailing around the Mediterranean on your yacht, and need to quickly “text” a signal into C2 without logging on. Can’t say that’s a scenario I’m personally familiar with, but I suppose it can happen.

Instructions are at:

Let me know how (if?) it works for you.