Embarrassing Inconsistencies

Wow. Been on the Leading Strategies List for a bit. C2 Score been near or at 99. Then, when I go to show someone my spot on the Leading Strategies List, I’m not there.

After some digging, my C2 score is suddenly 80 point something. Nothing adverse has happened regarding my system since Friday. I’m actually up.

Others seem to be consistently where they should be on these lists–without fail that I can see. Can I be like them please?

Not looking for a favor. I just want what my system earns, good or bad. Consistently. Fairly. The lists are there for a reason. Thanks.


Hi, Machine-

I understand why this seems perplexing.

But… the C2 Score is a percentile-based ranking. This means your system can improve in all aspects… while still falling in the relative C2 Score.


Ok. Thanks for the swift response. :smile:

Give it a few hours and your number will probably go back up, The C2 score has periods it drops inexplicably and then recovers. During the drops the system will fall off various leader lists.

Ok, thanks. Wish it didn’t do that (drop inexplicably), but it is what it is–as they say. As a poker player, I know how to play the hand I’m dealt. :smile:

Yeah it’s odd… like it’s going through some partially calculated state. It shouldn’t update the score until it is fully calculated.

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