Equity courve trading

@BobSvan2 is it possible to have a formula in Explorer that visualizes a bunch of systems equity curves as well as the EMA (200) on the curve, where “200” is something we can change?


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This is done.

I added a technical analysis stuff to Collective2 Explorer.

Your question should be answered by this example: Two systems and EMAs chart


@BobSvan2 thanks a lot. Is there any way we can put all systems in the code and we generate one single chart for each system? (rather than one chart with all systems…)

All systems? Certainly not! :smile:
There is more than 20,000 systems there…

You need to select some systems to the list.
You can compose a chart in a cycle for each system in that list then.

For example: Select 10 last week most popular systems
(Copied from Tail Ratio in Explorer)

// Your systems selection.
// For example - last week most popular systems.
var popularLastWeek = from stat in C2STATS
  where stat.StatName == "popular10080"
  orderby stat.StatValueVal descending
  select stat.SystemId;

// Get 10 most popular systems Ids
Int64[] systems = popularLastWeek.Take(10).ToArray();

Here is an example how to do what you want.
(Systems IDs are hard coded in the array.)

// Your systems selection
Int64[] systems = new Int64[] {
  46106678, // Bob Dylan
  90325773, // Ascendatnt
  84690231 // Genefish Hong Kong

// Your EMA period
int emaPeriod = 30;

foreach (var systemId in systems)
            // Get a system (for its Name)
            var c2System = GetC2SYSTEM(systemId);
            // Daily equity data with commissions and fees
            ITimeSheet timeSheet = TimeSheetFactory(systemId, TimeInterval.Day);

            // Let TimeSheet run

            // Extract equity data. 
            var equity = timeSheet.GetColumn(systemId, EquityType.Equity);

            // Your Technical analysis data
            var taData = C2TALib.EMA(equity, emaPeriod);

            // Create a chart object
            ITimeSeriesChart chart = new TimeSeriesChart();
            chart.Name = c2System.Name;

            // Add equity to the chart
            chart.Add(equity, "Equity", Color.Blue);

            // Add Technical analysis to the chart
            chart.Add(taData, "EMA_" + emaPeriod.ToString(), Color.Red);
            // Show the chart
            CHART = chart;