ES intraday system for TS automation

Hi all…

I have a mechanical system for the e-minis that I autotrade in TS. It’s not HFT and uses market orders for entry with EOD exits and usually only trades once or twice per day. I am thinking about offering it here on C2, but wanted to ask if anyone can shed some light on how the TS C2 integration works as far as latency and functionality. What is the avg time from a signal appears in my TS till it hits the C2 account? Any other issues I should be aware of?



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Hi Ben,

im using TS10 which is faster than 9.5 even if 9.5 have a roomer that is more solid/stable. Regarding integration to C2 is usually within a second so on ES is about 1-2 ticks slipp in average. On NQ it can be more some times around 200USD difference on E-minis when it moves really fast. commoditie futures i think is about 3-4 ticks slipp in average.