Good overnight futures system?

Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend for me a good index futures (ES/NQ/YM) system to look at that specializes in trades from 1730-0830 GMT -6(that would be 5:30PM Chicago time until 8:30AM Chicago time, basically the PM/night session)?

I ask because I would like to use TB/C2 and autotrade the PM session rather than have my capital sit there unused during that time. I have systems that I already use from 9:00AM until 4:00PM, but all my positions are closed out by 4PM so I can open new ones at 5:30PM (which is when PatSystems goes back online each evening) if I have a good system(s) to trade. I obviously need a system that focuses on PM session trades and closes all positions by 8:30AM the next morning, and trades made during that time and the PM market are actually a much different animal than the day session, so it is a unique situation. If none exist I may have to start developing one :slight_smile:

I had seen Magnet PM once (no thanks), and some vendors with day systems will throw out a bone and do a PM trdae here and there WITH their day system, but I am looking for systems who specialize in and do only trades in the PM session exclusively. Anyone point me in the right direction? Any of you system vendors out there that have daytrading futures systems (specifically of the ES/ER2/YM/NQ) where all positions are closed by 4PM might consider offering PM session versions of your systems (but be aware that the market characteristics ARE different from the day session) - I cant be the only one who doesn’t want my capital sitting around NOT making money during the PM. I would search for this myself if C2 had a WAY to search for it! Thanks.


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PM Combinator is designed specifically for the overnight futures market (up over 30% YTD). Feel free to ask me any questions you may have:

Gregory Lindberg

Nice gain
But how is 100% win rate when you have 1 trade with some loss - red one ( price is better exclude commission but after this we have loss)

The trade in question was actually a slightly profitable trade if you look at the entry and exit price, but for reporting purposes C2 deducts “typical” commissions, pro-rated subscription price, etc. that made it look like a small $8 debit on the stats.