ES, March contract

Dear C2, Why can I not trade the ES march contract, its still liquid? I realise front month has rolled over, but am still trading a position on the march contract. Is there anyway to override being directed to trade the front month? Thanks

Anyone? The position on the expiring contract closed, but would still like to know for next time. Thanks

We prevent Model Accounts from opening new positions in futures contracts three days before a contract’s last trading day. (You can of course open a position in the next contract.) This policy was made at the request of our broker partners, who had some end-of-month delivery issues with AutoTrader accounts (where strategy managers neglected to close positions at the end of the contract). I know this is a hassle, but we’re trying to balance the needs of strategy managers, AutoTraders, and brokers. For now, the best thing to do is trade the next contract when you approach the end of the month.