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ES US intraday strategy

im getting a lot of questions lately on my strategy ES US intraday so i will put some information here for anyone interested. I will add the historical annual Profits and Drawdowns for he current intraday portfolio. The C2 model is both rescaled and had fewer markets until recentley thats why it is not on a new high in the model since the gold systems were added later. Also the first half of the model was swing systems but the results below are for the current intraday-only setup.

The position sizes are fixed and the same every year and including slippage and commission. 50 K starting capital minimum is considered agressiv and could lead to a 50% + DD so you can manage the risk/return by adjusting starting capital if needed. average annual profit is above 55K. The strategy works in any environment and even better in market crashes. worst periods are choppy markets with indesicive moves but that behaviour is usually not long lived.

i will offer a 66% discount on the first month for anyone that wants to subscribe now in april. Let me know if you have any further questions. Usually its not the best to wait on a new high but on the contrary.


2021 $31,706.00 $8,243.00
2020 $194,979.00 $21,915.00
2019 $51,900.00 $5,994.00
2018 $57,259.00 $8,875.00
2017 $16,205.00 $5,347.00
2016 $51,602.00 $3,471.00
2015 $68,708.00 $5,211.00
2014 $36,016.00 $3,482.00
2013 $48,571.00 $5,590.00
2012 $51,193.00 $6,527.00
2011 $72,400.00 $6,394.00
2010 $35,172.00 $5,259.00
2009 $43,073.00 $6,150.00
2008 $122,478.00 $6,743.00

ES US intraday (

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