Fill alerts via email or text?

Is there a way for a strategy manager to receive “fill alerts” via email or text?

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As far as actual fills I’m not sure. I get emails saying there has been an adjusted fill price based on all my subs aggregate real fills. However, you can get trade alerts going to account settings then email.

If you want a text to your email most phone providers have something like (Verizon) that you can do email to text. C2 has an option to turn on SMS if you want.

yes I am getting trade orders, but I would like to know if they got filled. It would be very handy to get a fill alert rather than having to look at my phone or computer several times a day. It would be a great position management and time freeing tool.

I thought that might be what you meant. The best way I know to do that is to AutoTrade your own strategy then get have your broker alerts set up to alert you. Or you could do BrokerTransmit and just trade directly from your broker and set up whatever alerts you like. I unfortunately don’t know of any way to do it strictly with C2. Hopefully someone else does. Good luck!

thank you for you thoughts. Really appreciate it.