Possible to receive only Fill Orders on alerts?

Hi Matthew. Would it be possible to select the types of orders we receive in e-mail or text message? For instance, I may not want to receive an alert on cancelled orders, but just when an order is filled.



That’s a feature I had not thought of. I’ll need to add that to the list. Thanks for the good suggestion. -MK


The provider of Legion System (Forex) told me that C2 would allow us to receive the alerts of instant trade filled orders only, and we can choose not to receive the alerts of changing limit prices of pending orders. Everyday, I receive 30+ emails regarding changing the limit prices of pending orders from the Legion System. I would prefer to receive the alerts for trade filled orders only. However, I still want to receive alerts of limit price pending orders from other systems.

Can you tell me when this feature be availble for subscribers to choose.



Until this feature is implemented, you may be able to use an email filter to filter out the trades you don’t want to see. For example in Microsoft Outlook, you can create a different folder in your “inbox” and setup a rule to send signals from that system with a particular SYMBOL or phrases like STC or BTC . Here is the procedure for doing this in Outlook. Hopes this helps.

Show or hide items or files with a view filter

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1.Click the folder you want to apply a filter to.

2.On the View menu, point to Arrange By, and then click Custom.

3.Click Filter.

4.Select the filter options you want.

5.To filter using additional criteria, such as a category or importance level, click the More Choices tab, and then select the options you want.

If you select more than one option, only the items that meet all of the criteria will appear. However, if you use the same field to set multiple criteria, items that meet one criterion within that field will be found.

6.You can optionally filter using custom criteria.

Hi Matthew,

It would be extremely helpful if only the actual trades executed go through TradeBullet, not just email and ITM. Please let us know if this feature can be implemented soon.

Um… I’m not exactly sure what you mean.

With FX-NeuralPower, there are many many orders - mostly stop limits, followed by cancellations and replaced with new stop orders. With TradeBullet/IB, most orders/cancellations get through, but some do not for some reason. Would it be possible to only pass through the orders that are actually triggered (i.e. actual filled orders on C2) to TradeBullet?

That would not accomplish what you think it would.

If there is a particular order that you think doesn’t “get through,” then please let me know specifically which order you think it was. (Email is best for this).