Finding the Right Forex ROBOT

Hello dear Forex Traders.

I have been trading FOREX for last 3 years but still struggling for consistent profit.

As I am searching for the Forex Robot , I would be grateful if someone could help me out on finding the forex robot as per the following characteristics.

[1] It can trade all the pairs

[2] It will trade on reversal candle stick patterns (Sell at High and Buy at low)

[3] it use hidden TP and inbuilt profit trailing system

[4] it use no Stop loss (even no hidden stop loss) because this robot assumes that market will be back at the point it placed the trade/s

[5] it increases the trades with multiple lot (but fixed lot size not double the lot size) if market moves against the previously placed trade/s

more suggestions are appreciated

Since you are asking for suggestions, you might want to rethink your points 4 and 5. I have never seen a long term successful strategy with either of these "features." In fact, having one or both of these almost always leads to failure.

You might have more success defining your criteria in terms of annual % gain, maximum allowable drawdown, etc.