Forex trading systems

We would like to analyze automated forex trading systems for educational purposes for our students. As professional currency traders we are intrigued by the argument of man vs machine in the debate for automated trading.

Since the 1990’s i have been working on automated systems for position entry and systems tracking dealer spreads between the bids an the offers. These systems are always proprietary and the banks will never divulge the true extent they use such systems now in the dealer market for scalping pips. But the increased use of automated systems by banks can also work against them as we saw a few weeks back in the case of SNB decoupling the CHF from the EUR and many banks like Barclays and Deutsche and Citi got swept aside as a tsunami of sell stops got triggered during a key reversal. automated systems are largely predictive but cannot account for massive sweeping changes and political uncertainties that can move a currency in reverse in seconds. Thus we are certainly intrigued by the tales of losses and would like to hear any comment and experience of automated trading.

Any suggestions on currency trading based on automated systems are welcome whether day trading or long term position strategies. We are interested in developing systems and purchasing systems for professional hedge fund trading groups. We like to hear about your failures in particular because failures provide us with the insights and cornerstones of future success. In 20 years of forex teaching we have seen many failures in automated trading systems. Deloren Trust Holdings - Forex academia for free. Our blog is at which is a blog on Forex academia. Articles at Forex education

where we will post articles on currency trading systems. Watch out for our trading challenge to be announced shortly on automated trading systems. We are very grateful of Collective2 for putting together one of the leading websites on trading systems to share ideas for the betterment of its readers.