Forex broker suggestions?

It looks like for Gen3 there are OpenECry (OX), FXCM, FX Solutions, and Gain Capital ( Could anybody share some pros and cons for these or else just an overall recommendation?


Hi Mike, This is Chris Wilt. I work for BulldogFx, which is the autotrading arm of C2 FX systems. I am completely bias. I like FXCM for US accounts and (Gain Capital UK) for Europe. Asia, Africa, Australia etc. can use either one. Since we have a long history Autotrading with these 2, we are far ahead of the curve then anyone else. With Bulldog FXCM or Bulldog Gain- Spreads are competitive, execution is reliable, and Gain UK accounts are segregated. Bulldog customer service is beyond compare. Call me, 212-537-9440. I can elaborate.

Mike I meant to say BulldogFX is the AutoTrading arm for C2, not of C2. Two separate companies. We are not related nor one in the same. My mistake with prepositions.