Forex feed back up at 8:40 am

Yes, the forex feed went down for several hours. It is now back up, and I am working on fixing bad fills that took place.

If you experienced a bad fill, please report through the trouble ticket. Here’s how:

1) Log in to your C2 account.

2) Go to the trading system in question.

3) Immediately above the trade details, you’ll see an area that says: “What this page displays.” Make sure you turn on: "Report problem links."

4) Now, every executed trade (or unexecuted pending signal) will display a little green question mark. Click the question mark to report a problem with a fill.

Matthew -

I’m not into the Forex market or other highly leveraged instruments. But I am interested in knowing if there is a mechanism in place (or you plan to add a mechanism) to alert affected subscribers when a data feed goes down. Data feed dropout may be unavoidable but are there great big red flags going up??? It seems to me this is critical for anyone using C2 and to the long term success of C2.


It is one thing to go back and correct the fills for a simulated portfolio but subscribers using real money to trade these systems don’t have that option.