Forex Feed Problem Sun night - Mon morn

Last night (Sunday, May 21) our Forex feed went down. Our automated systems to fix unresponsive feeds did not work … because the feed continued to return prices, but simply innaccurate ones.

I believe the issue was fixed as of 9:20 am (Eastern U.S.) on Monday May 22.

I have been working to fix all incorrect fills that were caused by this outage. If you still see incorrect fills, be sure to use the Report Problem link, available on your system page. This is the fastest way to get incorrect fills resolved.

I apologize for this problem. You may already know (but I’ll say it again anyway) that Collective2 has invested a lot of time and resources in making its market simulation reliable and trouble-free. I’m disappointed that there was a major outage for so many hours. If you are new to C2, rest assured that this is (thankfully) extremely rare. I will look into the underlying cause and try to solve it so that this type of problem does not recur.