Forex quotes?

Sorry Matthew but, it seems the forex engine is again not feeding? What’s the problem recently? Thanks Kathryn.

I have no record of anything going wrong. Please email me the specifics of why you think something is incorrect and I’ll take a look.

Matthew, please check out my system. The quotes on the open positions have frozen since 00:29. Are you saying this problem is specific to my system only? i’m sure that’s pretty much impossible. Thanks Kathryn.

No, you’re right. I’m looking into this now.

Now it’s running. Very funny. What happened actually, and why no one complained about it but me?

We had a few complaints. I hadn’t seen them yet when I first responded.

Oh Matthew please, the Forex is once again frozen at exactly 00:29. Have you found out what the problem is and why does it always occur around this time of the day? It’s getting very worrying. Kathryn.

Please Matthew, are you around? Why are the Forex quotes frozen again? Have been for almost 2 hours and again exactly at 00:29. What is the problem actually? Is it in any way related to some sorts of cut-off time at the brokers you source you quotes from? This is getting very frustrating and even potentially dangerous for systems with open positions, and I’m sure there are many around. I’m just one of them. Please have a look at it as soon as possible. Thank you. Kathryn.