Forex Quote Feeds Down (Monday 8:30 am)

I’m investigating the problem. Because forex quotes are down, forex trades will not execute properly.

This is the tenth time in the past 30 days that my forex quote provider has failed us. I’m as frustrated as all of you. I am working on fixing the current issue, and also will now start a search for an alternate provider. In the meantime, stay patient. I’ll post an announcement when forex quotes are back online. If you prefer to be emailed when quotes are fixed, email me ( with the subject line "Forex Alert."


Forex is back up (apparently). - MK

I’m going to assume that the reason the two systems Bigger & test risk generated almost $15 million dollars in a few hours was due to the glitch in the Forex quote provider. Right??

Terrance: What? – can’t you make $15 million dollars in a few hours? Why not? What’s wrong with you?

But yes, you’re right. The two systems have been adjusted. Let me know if you notice anything else odd caused by the quote feed outage yesterday. Everything seems to be functioning normally now, but there may be incorrect fills that I haven’t yet caught left over from yesterday. - MK