NEW RELEASE FOREX Algo.... 10 years in the Making.. LIMITED OFFER

Small sales pitch I know… We have been on collective2 since 2011 and in trading for over 11 years,
Please check out our new system and feel free to ask any questions:

All systems will be limited to 50 subscribers and future systems offered first to existing subscribers.
New systems will be released shortly.


Hello Andrew,

I looked at your system since you asked. I can’t see whatever position you do have on because you have a 168 hour cap on showing trades. It does seem like whatever position you’re in is on a wild ride. Until I can see the position, I can’t properly analyze this.

I also noticed something interesting. You’ve had two other systems in the past. One of them you named “Income Trading TEST”. Here’s what I see that’s interesting. When you first opened that system, it was named “Income Trader”. You renamed it after the Swiss Franc trade went bad and you lost $13,304 on 2 contracts.

You had a trade in the Swiss that was opened on 9/01/2011. You also mention in your profile you are a professional trader. At the time, it was WIDELY known that the Swiss National Bank’s Philipp Hildebrand was upset and was talking about a cap on the EUR/CHF. If you remember, mid 2009 to mid 2010, Hildebrand took a lot of heat because he was was actively involved in intervention and that resulted in heavy losses. So every dealing desk expected this intervention because at the time he was very vocal about it and he had been no stranger to intervention. Plus he had to do something because he piled up a bunch of losses (yes even the top brass at the national bank are bad traders). He dug himself a hole and was trying to force the market to pay for his mistake.

Here are my two questions. How come that system started off as “Income Trader” and only after the loss did you change the name to “Income Trading - TEST”? If you are a professional trader, how come you put this trade on at the time knowing what was going on with the SNB as every dealing desk wasn’t touching this trade? In fact, every dealing desk would take the other side at the time and immediately hedge when orders came in inline to what they were doing since they didn’t want the other side of that. Basically saying they would take the other side of your trade. But if you put on the opposite trade, dealing desks would take it in and immediately hedge it out to market.

Once your current position becomes available, I can properly analyze it and look at your new system.

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Why limit to 50 subscribers? I mean this is a FX system, it is not like you are limited by order depth in a non-liquid stock.

LOL. Love these pumps for strategies that just started, had one massive winning trade and no real track record.

99.99% of them completely bust, unfortunately you can’t see them because they delete their profiles, systems, etc and ghost out of C2 forever when they fail (or come back with another name).

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Yeh I agree…limited time offer sounds like a commercial ad. Give it some time…if its a good system it will still be around after 6 months…lol

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