Futures Spread trading

By now has C2 developed a way to input Futures to Futures spread trades?
Both Exchange recognized spreads like FYT or synthetic like ES/YM ratio spread

@MIkeJoga, are you asking if multiple futures products can be traded? (ie. ES and NQ simultaneously?)

I don’t think that should be a problem.

If your asking if different expiries I think that should also be allowed too but you might not get accurate quotes for contracts that are not traded regularly.

But try to get confirmation from calling C2 directly.

I was referring to trading spread made up of more than 1 contract so for example ES/YM 1:1:
They say we have to insert that as 1 leg each however platforms like TT Autospreader allow such synthetic spreads!

Try entering them separately? There maybe slippage but at least you can get them both in. ie. Enter the ES at market and then the YM at market so they both get filled.

Yes that seems to be only way … but what if I am using a Autospreader TT with another broker