Gen3 autotrade error

Hi Matthew,

There may be a bug in the Gen3 auto-trading, or it is taking a rather long time to process. Here is what happened:

At 09:20 this morning I placed a limit order for the QQQQ Aug10 44 put. The order was duly sent to my broker (OX) via Gen3 where I saw it pending and an email went out to all subscribers. So far so good.

At 11:35 I modified the trade to convert it to a market order. The old trade was cancelled by C2 and a new one generated. Two emails to that effect went out to subscribers and my old limit order in my broker account was cancelled. Also the Open Positions on the system page shows the new trade as expected.

Again, so far so good.

But the new market order was not placed with my broker and does not appear in the Open Positions list under the AutoTrade menu. It is now 12:00 so after 25 minutes my market order has not yet been sent by Gen3 AutoTrade.

Could you please take a look?



Sorry, I omitted to say that this pertains to [LINKSYSTEM_46587362].


Your OrderID 89062350 is stuck in "Open" status. Our server tried repeatedly to cancel it but the OX order system rejects the cancel requests, and the replacement order will not be sent until the parent order is canceled (this is a safety feature to minimize duplicate orders). Something is obviously wrong with that order. Please contact the OX order desk about order ID 89062350 and ask them to manually cancel it.


Thanks for the reply Francis. The order already has cancelled status in my OX order status screen:

Order ID #89062350 Spread ID #0 Placed By Mr. Dean Pignon

Submit Time (ET) 7/6/2010 9:25:32 AM

Cancel Time (ET) 07/06/2010 11:35:04 AM

I will ask OX what happened here. Alternatively, can I just place the order manually in my OX account? Will AutoTrade then recognize that the two are in sync?


Hi Francis,

Here is the reply from Scott Snyder at OX:


You are right on the money. The order is cancelled, so any new requests to cancel it would be rejected, because, like you said, it is already cancelled. I will contact Collective2 with this information.


That reply from Scott refers to my email to him which said the following:

So what’s going on? Why does OX reject the cancel request when the order was correctly cancelled?

Is it perhaps because the order was cancelled but the Collective2 server was not notified that this had succeeded so it is still trying and failing because there is no open order any more to cancel?!



Something went wrong with their API and it did not report the order as canceled to us. I sent them as email with logs, we’ll see what they say. If you trade manually it will disable Sync but you can re-enable it right back from your autotrade screen.

That’s what I did in the end; manual trade then re-enabled Sync again.

Thanks for looking into it.