GEN 3 Auto Sync Problem

Hi Methew,

I was running Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Clustering Bot system and there was a problem with GEN3 auto sync. Here are steps:

1. 57291918 1/28/11 8:22 Sell to open NZD/USD

2. 57305571 57305558 57305301 3 canceled signals to cancel stop loss orders

3. 57336608 1/30/11 17:03 Buy to close NZD/USD position in 1.

Now there should be no open position for NZD/USD. But then on 2/1/11 54:05 all cancel signals 57305571 57305558 57305301 were executed (Buy to close NZD/USD) since there are no open position, these signals turn into buy to open and establish open position and then it immediately turned around and issue auto syn signal to (sell to close) all positions it just open a minute ago, resulting a loss in my account.

It seems GEN3 auto trade tried to execute old canceled signals and then check account status and see that there were NO open position and try to auto sync to match broker account to auto trading website.

When I compared these to model account and these are extra trade generated by GEN3 auto trade and in conjunction with auto sync and close this trade by itself.

This type of problem is very dangerous and could cause large loss to wipe out account. Please investigate and fix this problem ASAP. You can look into my account to get addtional info to figure out what’s wrong.[LINKSYSTEM_54614146]

Hi, Ahn:

Actually, this was a problem at OpenECry – apparently with their database.

When the problem was finally corrected by your broker, C2’s AutoSync recovered gracefully for you, and reset your account positions and orders to match what you should have had, according to your systems.

While it’s probably not a great marketing gimmick to highlight a brief broker outage, the incident does demonstrate the importance of C2’s AutoSync technology, which helps accounts recover from periods of broker failure.


Methew, thanks for your reply. I think auto sync is a great feature to limit damage done by unintended consequences. I has bailed me out couple time already. Unfortunately OEC translated incorrectly order “buy to close” to close out SHORT position into “Buy to open” to establish new position.

Auto Sync is an essential feature for me since sometime I’m not looking at my account and rely on auto trade to do the trading for me and auto sync is there to sync up my brokerage account to the model account.

Thanks for implementing this great auto sync feature.