Generating c2 score

This is a great site. A perfect BS filter for all the “great trading systems” out there. I’m having a good time looking at it all :slight_smile:

I have had a “system” now for 20 days, and I see that my C2 score is 3.49/10. Is this equivalent to 349/1000 or am I simply building score since my system has so little time?


John Grover

I see now in my message header that my score is indeed 349. Is there a place on my system page where this score is displayed?

Strangely enough, the C2 score is not currently showed on the actual system page. It’s available, beside the system name, on The Grid and the System Finder, but not available on the page devoted to a particular system.

This was not a conscious design decision – more of an oversight – and we plan to fix it shortly.