Google Adword Co-op funny math?

Hey, as long as you ‘think’ that you are paying me only 50%, I will be happy to take C2 up on this offer! Here is my first bill for $100,000.

From your co-op page:

“Every time you spend $10 on Google advertising, we’ll contribute $10 dollars of our money to help you run your ads. (In other words, we’ll pay 50% of your bill!)”

Why is it funny?


Total ad cost=$20

(i.e. you are ready to pay $20 to Google to advertise your trading system)

But, C2 steps in and says:

You pay $10

C2 pays $10

Thus: C2 pays half the cost.

Got it after you explanation.

The way I understood it first was what the text plainly told me:

I pay Google $10, you give me $10. There was no mention of a $20 add.

Good idea, btw.

"(In other words, we’ll pay 50% of your bill!)"

That seems clear enough…