System Developers: C2 will pay you to advertise

C2 System Vendors:

I have some news which you may find exciting. Last month we introduced an automated Google advertising feature for system developers. The feature allows you to design an ad for your trading system which will appear on Google’s search engine. C2 will automatically place your ad for you, and will report real-time results about how your ad is performing. (For those of you unfamiliar with search-engine advertising, here’s how it works. When someone types the phrase “trading system” into the Google search engine, your ad might appear. Then, when a user clicks on your ad, they will come directly to your system page here on C2.)

When we launched the Google program, Collective2 volunteered to pay $10 of its own money every time you paid $20 towards running your advertisement.

Because I think the feature is so nifty, I’d like to encourage system vendors to try it. For a limited time (frankly, until C2 spends its ad budget for the month) we will increase the amount that C2 will pay you to run your advertisement. For a short time, we will match you, dollar for dollar: for every $20 dollars that you spend on your advertisement, C2 will contribute $20 of C2 money to run your ad.

How’s that for nifty?

You can start your ad running instantly. You don’t need a Google account, or anything like that; you can manage everything from right here on C2. To experiment with this feature, select:

MY C2 ADS (left-side menu bar)

Then select the GOOGLE ADS tab


You can fool around and see how your ads might look, without committing to anything, so give it a try right now.


I think 50-50 on a longterm basis is fair. Since C2 definitely shares the benefit and draws to its own website, 33% would never interest me. At that split, it is better just to promote one’s own website.

Mathew on this Google advertizing. If there is a click through does it show on my page as a view? Or does it have to be a C2 account holder to show as a veiw? Thanks

You must be a registered user to count as a page view.

Mathew what kind of results are you getting with your Google advertizing? Is there any way to know if anybody saw an ad and registered for a account? Thanks Rick Haines