Graduated Fee

Hello All !

So my question is, how would I go about charging a graduated fee? I would like to do a 14 day free trial, then $99 for the first month, then $149 for the second month, and finally, $199 for succeeding months.

And how do I change the fee rate explanation in the “Details” section of the system page? I couldn’t find it in the Admin tab.

And, while I’m asking questions… How do I find out how many subscribers someone else’s system has? Is it the number after “Tracked by…” under “Crowd Opinion”?

Thanks in advance!


I don’t think you can do the graduated fee, unless you manually change it after they sign up: charge $199 with 14 day trial. Then, after they subscribe, change it to $99 for 1 billing period. After that is done, manually change it to $149 for 1 billing period. Then, it reverts to $199. If you get a lot of subscribers, this will be tough to keep track of.

For number of subscribers, that info is not publically given out.


Thanks a lot Kevin! OK. I guess I have to do it that way.

Thanks for your time.

…And again, does anyone know how to change the fee description in the "Subscribe to System" section?



OK. Nevermind. I found the "edit system details" function.