Graphs on C2: room for improvement

Hi all and Matthew,

I really like C2. Other system auditors might look shiny but up until now C2 gives me the feeling of authority while the other even look playish. You all know which ones I’m talking about. :wink:

But, there’s always room for improvement and to me that is the equity graphs. Well, there are two types here on C2. The ones used in the ads look great actually. You clearly can see the equity curve going up and down. But the ‘zoomable’ ones, to be honest, are a bit crappy :slight_smile: Sorry Matt :wink:

I hardly ever use the zoom function. Also, there are no gridlines guiding your view to the vertical axis.

What do you guys think could be done about the graphs? Or do you like 'em?


I like the equity graphs and I use the zoom function. I do wish they were more precise and powerful. Using them is rather clumsy and unpredictable.

Idd. The usablity of the zooming is rather poor. Also, maybe drawing a couple of rounded number horizontal lines like every 1000 would do the job.

I’m about to turn on a public beta of the new site, which has pretty awesome graphics/charting. Such as:

- Just drag your cursor in charts to zoom in.

- Drop any reference to another system (system B) into system A’s chart – i.e. build portfolios directly inside the main system chart.

- Custom charting based on your preferences: e.g. include commissions? include system fees? change starting capital? etc.

Literally a week or two away before I can release the beta. Still a lot of rough edges, plus I need to make sure the new site has all the regulatory/compliance disclaimers in place.

Hang in there…


Thank you Matthew,

Much needed and much appreciated.


Good to hear that you are constantly working on improvements. I find the existing charting, especially the linear function, already very helpful but the new features should improve it exponentially.

Having said that, how is the long promised new Gen3 broker with low commissions for stocks, futures and forex coming along? That would put C2 further way above the competition.

Just out of curiosity: Who IS the competition?

Whoever it is, I prefer not giving them free advertising.

Fair enough!

Matt Totalitarianism LOL :wink:

#1 - The first rule of Fight Club is, you do not talk about Fight Club.

#2 - The second rule of Fight Club is, you DO NOT talk about Fight Club.

At the moment there aren’t any equal competitors for C2 by types of execution/rich stats/and entry ticket price. However, there are few attepts that might seriously damage C2’s business. I know one pilot for stocks where compensation of system vendors will depend from trading capital under management of the system. Of course a system vendor has to do walk forward proof of his/her system with verification by broker statements. How many serious stocks system vendors will stay on C2 if the pilot will go live?

Competition is good thing. And C2 has to compete as well as system vendors.



That pilot, I guess I remember what project you’re talking about. Wasn’t it for Forex only? Hmm… strange… maybe yet another competitor.

No. I’m not interested in Forex. It’s stocks only with legal money management (if they implement it) in the states.