+s of the new C2 site are

Hi all,

We’ve been focussing on the bads of the new C2 site. We all know by now the site still is slower, favorite things are gone or hard to find, etc…

But Matthew asked us to post the good things about the new C2 site as well, to get the feeling what is generally seen as ‘good’ and focusing on the positive as we always do, here’s our 2 cents:

1. Look: way much better and stylish. Professional look is really really important to get more registering users… you all know how the competitor sites look like…

2. Real time P/L and quotes

3. The graphs: way much better, zooming very easy.

4. …(hey you, please add to the list)

Oh, and Matthew, you should read a book or 2 about change management…: changes, even for the better, go through: shock, neglect, protest, accept. Good luck! :wink:

Maybe someone should start the -s of the site too: so the team can more easily follow the + and -. Just a thought.


I agree. The new site is the direction in which we have to go. I also remember that it took me a long time to find my way on the old site when I was a newbie.

I like the new charts with the thin lines. Some charts now have a double line. Does this show intraday variation? Neat!

Yes, whenever lines are thick, it shows intraday equity variation – useful to understand systems with big intra-day changes.