Green circle / dot in subscriber list / Dashboard

Does anyone know what does the small green circle / dot means on the right side of the list of people that have supposedly subscribed in some way or other? I don’t see them on my subscriber actual list. Help !

I thought that just showed if that person was currently online. But it looks like the description if you click on it says something different. image


Green is the one who spent money at least once on a subscription. White is the one that didn’t buy anything here, did not issue a paid subscription.

Has this investor ever paid for a strategy subscription?

I’m not 100% sure but I always thought that dot meant they had a real money brokerage setup with C2 or has subscribed to a strategy before. I think the green dot in the message center shows if that person is online.

If you click on the little “$” at the top of the column, it explains that the green dot means, basically, “This person has paid money for subscriptions in the past.” Some strategy managers want to know which simulators are more likely to become paying subscribers.

Sorry that wasn’t clear.


Thank you. I didn’t realize there was a link there.

However, there are many many more green dots than people that have ever subscribed (current and past)to the system (at least as far as I can view those that have ever paid). Can you please explain this discrepancy?

The green means the person has paid for a strategy before – not necessarily yours.


I have another question about subscribers. Is there any reason why the number of subs on my dashboard would be different than the number of subs shown in the subscriber management report? My dashboard shows one extra subscriber that doesn’t appear in my sub list or revenue report.


Correct me if i am wrong, but because the username show in the table can differ from the name of the same user in the list of subscribers, one could send a discount message to someone on the table / list who is already a paid subscriber? Not ideal.

Here is the correct answer to your question. 100% correct. What else is needed?

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Thank you, it is valuable information for all of us.