Grid does not display "Anetta_LevLongTerm"

Hi Matt.

My system (Anetta_LevLongTerm) no longer displays in the grid. I’ve checked the query parameters and attempted to run it wide open, but… nothing. Would you please have a look and let me know if there is some reason my system would be filtered out. Of course, there is the possibility of ‘user error’. Thank you.


This took me a while to figure out. Now I see: the Grid “helpfully” filters out systems that haven’t placed a trade in more than 90 days (the idea is to not show abandoned systems).

Your system isn’t abandoned, but it is a very long-term system indeed. My suggestion is a bit of a kludge: buy one share or sell one share of something to re-activate your system in the eyes of the C2 filtering mechanisms.


Many thanks for the response. I suspected this might be the case but I wanted to hear from you first. I’ll do as you suggest.