'Active' checkbox in Grid

Would be helpful to be able to filter out trading systems that are no longer subscribable, in The Grid.

As far as I can tell, there is no way of telling if a system is still active without actually trying to subscribe to it. This gets pretty tedious after a while.

When you cruise over the name of the system in The Grid, its chart comes up. If you see a longer horizontal line, that means there haven’t been trades lately, thus the system is most likely dormant.

When you click on the system it shows when the vendor last logged in. If the date is let’s say 2 weeks ago, that is a good indication that the system is not being managed…

All true, but it’s hardly an efficient way to screen trading systems and if they have been innactive for a week, you can hardly tell from the chart. I think a check box to screen out innactive systems would be welcomed by everyone.