Ha Auto trading: Stock selection, stock entry and exit are done completely through automation

Ha Auto trading: I have been doing auto trading from last 3 years and tested 1000+ scenarios.
I have developed the “Ha Auto Trading” strategy in INTRADAY Trading, and it has been thoroughly tested. Stock selection, stock entry and exit are done completely through automation.
No manual intervention. Please check and support.

This strategy does algorithmic trading, with no manual intervention. A tool has been developed to scan trade data and select stocks. This is done entirely by automation. This strategy was selected after testing 1000 strategies. Ensures more than 65% successful trades and gains over 400% on initial trading capital.

Why have I chosen algorithmic trading?
I do intraday trading; I follow multiple own development strategies to do business. It is impossible to inspect 4000 stocks at once with manual power, which requires 1000 members and 1000 systems, again guiding which stock to select. Constantly monitoring stocks and waiting for trigger. I thought that was not possible with one man, then I thought about developing automation for Trading, it took a lot of 3 years to develop it. Also, another reason to choose an algorithmic trade is the common trading errors that 97% of traders struggle with.
Note: The reasons I mentioned above are for choosing an algorithmic trade that does not apply to superheroes who have already achieved great success in their careers.