Based on investor feedback, I changed the name from "ha auto trading" to "ha algorithmic trading" to help investors understand what my strategy is

This strategy does algorithmic trading, with no manual intervention. A tool has been developed to scan trade data and select stocks. This is done entirely by automation. This strategy was selected after testing 1000 strategies. Ensures more than 65% successful trades and gains over 400% on initial trading capital.

  • Algorithmic trading is an automated trading strategy.
  • It is a set of rules for the computer to execute the buy and sell stocks in the Financial Market

Why have I chosen algorithmic trading?
I do intraday trading; I follow multiple own development strategies to do business. It is impossible to inspect 4000 stocks at once with manual power, which requires 1000 members and 1000 systems, again guiding which stock to select. Constantly monitoring stocks and waiting for trigger. I thought that was not possible with one man, then I thought about developing automation for Trading, it took a lot of 3 years to develop it. Also, another reason to choose an algorithmic trade is the common trading errors that 97% of traders struggle with.
Note: The reasons I mentioned above are for choosing an algorithmic trade that does not apply to superheroes who have already achieved great success in their careers.

Interesting. Daily shorting of random stocks, closing out at end of day. Stop losses in place?

Shows some merit, but no TOS and an awfully steep price might keep folks away initially.

I appreciate your response. Stop losses in place. I agree that the price is steep. But I kept it high because it gives a steady return and is worth paying for. Let me do it this way. I want to give 50 per offer to each investor for the first two months. When they are profitable and able to pay the full membership fee, I gladly agree. If this is not even reasonable, let me know what works for you.

Don’t worry about me. I wouldn’t touch it because it’s not TOS. But a smaller account with lower fees might get more subscribers initially. Best of luck tho. :+1:

Hi DogZebra,

Your comment implies that TOS systems somehow make more money with less risk.
Is there any serious and thorough C2 study that supports that idea?
If so, where?

I feel advantage of TOS for trade leaders is more in the psychological aspects. (though TOS systems may also be better objectively, that is subject to discussion). Subscribers feel a lot better with TOS (whether rightly or wrongly). A trade leader will get more subscribers with TOS than without generally speaking.

On another note, I’ve found TOS systems can appear to do worse than non TOS systems. A non TOS system for example can employ martingale strategies, since the trade leader doesn’t need to account for the tail risk of a blowup of the entire account.

Best of luck, the system looks promising and good so far!


This right here is about right. Non-TOS systems can throw caution to the wind and martingale/risk blow up of the account that frequently shows a steady profit curve if it doesn’t blow up. Of course, when the blow up happens they just disappear (or in Michael’s case show up under a new name and do it all over again :rofl: )

It is comforting to know the leader has his account in the same boat as yours. IMO TOS accounts should take home a much larger % of subscription income as a reward.