Hang Seng China Mini (MCHF7)

I am trying to trade the Hang Seng China Enterprises Future (MCHF7) but it is not listed yet. The system lists only MCHZ6. Could you please add the 2017 contracts.

MCHF7 is expired.
Try MCHG17 or MCHH17.

Thank you Bob. Sorry I meant MCHG17. I tried both MCHG17 and MCHH17 and neither works. I also tried MCHG7 and MCHH7 which is the standard convention and that doesn’t work either. I tried by the name of the contract and the only 2016 contracts come out none for 2017.

Yes - there is something strange there…
The symbols are missing in the search control.
But despite that - you can trade them.

I see what you mean. I was looking in the popup menu which showed No matching found.

Many thanks Bob