New Futures Contracts Supported at C2

Because C2 members requested it, I have added support for the following futures contracts:

On Hong Kong Futures Exchange:
Hang Seng China Enterprise Index - HHI

On Singapore Futures Exchange:
SP CNX Nifty - IN
Japan Govt Bond Full-size - JG
Japan Govt Bond Mini - BB

On Eurex Exchange:
Euro-Buxl - BX

As usual, you can see contract specifics for all futures contracts we support here:

Happy trading!

Great. i can see a symbol i would love to trade.

Hello Matthew,

There seems to be a problem with the Min Hang Seng China Enterprises Future. The February / March 2017 contracts are not available (MCHG7 and MCHH7). Only 2016 contracts are available.

Also, could you please arrange to list more distant contract months for short term interest rates as they are more liquid. For example Eurodollar (EDZ7) and Euribor (IMH8).

Lastly can you make available:

(a) the Canadian Bankers Acceptance Future traded on the Canadian Derivatives Exchange (BAX)
(b) The Nikkei 225 Mini traded on the Osaka Exchange

Many thanks