Help in reading the signals


first of all i really hope that i write this question in the right part of this forum. If not… i appologize…

I need help. I have asked the Collective2 support mail but have not recived any answer for several days now… so i turn my hope to this forum.

What i need help with is how to read the signals for i system that i recently payed a subscribtion to ( FX Wave ).

I can’t understand how to set the stop losses.

I think i understand when to open a position. For example when a BTO at mkt is posted i shall buy at market price as fast as i can…

STC means that i shall close my open long position.

But… i don’t understand were to put my stop losses.

Please someone… help me to understand this… understand how to read the signals…

Regards / JoLi[LINKSYSTEM_28811765]

Where to place a stop order will depend on the system vendor. He will send out a signal indicating you to place a stop order, and that signal will include the symbol, price, etc. like any other signal. Bear in mind that not all systems use stop-loss orders, so if you haven’t received any signal, it may be that the system just doesn’t use them.

How to place a stop order will depend on your broker, and you should consult your broker about that.

For instructions on how to interpret signal e-mails, check this address:

For a general intro to stop and limit orders, see:

you subscribed to a system that is not trading? all I see is a flat line…

I have had signals… but not today. Why do you think that the system isn’t active anymore?


Please confirm the name of the system you subscribed to. The one you mention above had only one trade in 2007 and none this year - it’s dead.

If you got signals in the last 10 months they didn’t come from this system.

the system is called: FX.WAVE

Accordingly to the performace details it has been trading sice May 2007.

But i am so new here at C2 that i can have made a misstake.

I would be happy if some one helps me out :slight_smile:

And Ironcito (or any one else for that matter) could i have an exampel of how it is typed in the ITM when a stopp loss i posted?

Tnx in advance :slight_smile:

Regards / joLi

It was confusing, because the link you included was "FX Wave Follower" not "FX Wave"

It was confusing, because the link you included was "FX Wave Follower" not "FX Wave"

I am sorry for that. I don’t know why that text is there… i haven’t wrote it.

But let’s talk about my issue again.

Please take a look at the most recent trading signals provided to the system FX.WAVE:

At 01:16:25 and 01:16:26 there are some signals posted…

At 01:16:43 there is a sell to close order that are cancelled… and at 01:16:55 there’s an sell order to open that also have been cancelled. Both are at market price so how in this world can i cancel them? I mean… as soon as they are posted ofcourse one shall enter the market… and i can’t possible call my broker and say that i would like to cancell that trade because i have had a seconf thought about it. They would just laugh at me…

About one minute later there’s 2 new signals posted.

I really really don’t understand how to read this ITM-messages. And YES i have read everything at to try to get an idea of how to read it.

Can someone please expalin the signals that are showned at the picture?

I would appriciate it a lot and that will probably make me countinue the subscribtion and perheps also buy other signals… but without understanding i don’t see a point to pay for something i don’t understand.

Regards / JoLi