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when I created my orders, I supplied a profit target and a stop loss as part of the BTO order.

I currently have 3 open positions, which is (partly) correct.

One of these orders shows it has been closed, but hasn’t moved to the recently closed trades list. I guess this happens later on sometime.

In the list of recent trade signals, there is a profit target order for each of these three open positions, which is also correct. But there is now no stoploss order shown for any of the positions, which is incorrect.

My objective was to have a stoploss order and a profit target order for the duration of each open order.

Is this not what is achieved by adding the stoploss and profittarget to the BTO order?

Can you advise?



Hi Matthew,

I need some help here.

I believe C2 has "lost" some of my original orders.

Original Orders (only change is my password & sysid *** out)


Open Positions


Opened ET B/S # Symbol Price Closed Current Price P/L

1/20/10 9:29 BUY 1,025 PAYX 30.17 0 30.23 $61 Close

1/20/10 11:03 BUY 273 FSLR 118.88 0 119.12 $66 Close

Relevant recent trade signals


STC 273 FSLR at limit 121.85 Conditional on fill above; Working

STC 1,025 PAYX at stop 27.38 Conditional on fill above; Working

They were both originally set up and shown correctly by C2 as an OCA group. Now the FSLR profit target is there but no stop loss. The PAYX stoploss is there, but no profit target.

I need help understanding the problem and how to correct it.



Thanks for finding this. The signals were not "lost" – but rather C2 chose not to display them due to a bug in which certain signals conditional upon others were filtered.

This is now fixed, and you should see the signals you asked about.