Hot Hands

I like this Hot Hands feature, with features like $ gain for the past x period, unlike the AD in the featured system area.

Also, I noticed that the W:L ratio calculation may have been changed to make it the same as the profit factor (payoff ratio)? Any user of a system that consistently maintains a W:L ratio or profit factor of 3.00 and above would become beautifully rich.

I must say MK continues to amaze me with new and better features.

We system developers are busily engaged in research and analysis so that subscribers can hopefully benefit.

With great power (to predict the future based on what is happening in the present), must come great responsibilities; otherwise, as Peter Parker (Spider-Man) says, it may corrupt us…

rgds, Pal

Midas Long-Term Value

Methinks you like the ‘Hot Hands’ feature because today your system is on the top of the Best 5-Day Performance charts :wink: