Hot Hands

The Hot Hands list should be based on percentage gains instead of dollar gains. The systems that are already well established and have higher balances have a big advantage over the newer systems with the current set-up. This Hot Hands list is like free advertising, so it should be fair to all system vendors.


I completely agree and also have asked for this before. Right now, a 500K account with a 1% return over the measured period would show up before a 100K account with a 4% return.

I am glad someone else is also asking for this.


- Fanus


The Hot Hands list actually is based on percentage gains, not dollars. Perhaps what is confusing is that the text near the chart lists the gains in dollar terms. But the actual selectrion criteria is percentage gain.


Well worth clarifying - excellent!

B.t.w. what you have developed here with C2 is impressive. This comprehensive packaging of a highly intelligent and still evolving set of functionality, trading features and pointed utilities for all kind of user groups, covering all sorts of investment objects and trading styles, including the real-time market interaction for order execution, is certainly unique and a piece of work which demonstrates superior skills and true dedication!

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I am pretty sure he Hot Hands list actually is NOT based on percentage gains. Otherwise why didn’t you pick up mine? :slight_smile:

The percentage gain is only one factor. I know it is a popular question to ask exactly what the criteria are for making a particular hot list, and I intend to publish them all soon, when I have a moment.