How are monthly figures of performance created

Guys, i have a small query. My system Mantra Trader has started with initial capital of USD 25000. Now in in its sixth month when aggregate profit of USD 1450 plus have been created, the percentage is calculated on starting capital (25000) or the capital at the start of this month (39000). Would appreciate some clarity in this regard. Matthew, u may throw some light on this, i guess.


The monthly results table shows the percentage return as measured rom the close of the prior month to the close of the month being measured. It includes all fees (commissions, subscriptions, etc.)


Your cumulative profits as of to date are $15,515 (before expenses) as per C2, not $1,450 as you erroneously stated. Keep up the nice shape of the equity curve since about mid June - good luck.


Thanks guys, i was just curious about the method of percentage calculation. Now i have figured it out. It is kind of MTM, being calculated on the basis of recent equity not the starting equity.


Sorry, when reading your post again more carefully I realized that you meant "aggregate" profit applies to September only. Anyway, nice performance.