How does C2 account for capital distributions

QID just dropped from $69 to $59 on December 23rd, but it was due to the end of year capital distribution of approx $10/share. How does C2 account for the capital distribution? It is quoting my original open at the actual open, and the current position at the last close.

BTO QID 46.23 on 9/8/08

Current 60.07

But where is the missing $10/share? Yahoo quotes an "adjusted close", which effectively changes the original BTO price, but C2 is not doing this. C2 is showing my performance this month at -18% which may not account for the distribution. Hmmm…


Actually, C2 does account for dividends automatically, in exactly the same way that real life works. While it is true that the ex-dividend date was 12/23, the pay date for the dividend in question is 12/30. Thus, you will receive a cash payment into your C2 model account on 12/30.

Hi Matt,

This is not true for a system I wrote. The dividend/cap gain was posted to the C2 account over 1 month after the Pay Date.


How/where do I request an adjustment for this problem?

It damaged the trade record for my system, because the dividend made a set of trades look like a significant loss. When in reality, the cash dividend/cap gain prevented the system from going under 20% equity and further, prevented the margin called trade, since the cash gain was in the account to cushion/prevent the margin call.



This was a bug. The software should have applied the dividend on 12/30 but due to a software problem, it did not.

While I understand your disappointment, it’s really beyond my ability to manually adjust every account and all the equity points on your chart to apply the dividend earlier. I am sorry for the problem, but the good news is that the problem has been fixed going forward and all dividends will be applied on time … including those for Proshares (this was the particular problem – dividends were not applied for Proshares ETFs).