How to adjust fills?

I’m looking at some of my fills placed at the open and they are off

AAPL for example shows a fill in C2 at 12.00 yet my Thinkorswim platform shows a trade placed at that same strike for 9.80 at 9:32:26 AM and another for 10.00 at 9:33:26 AM. Price wasn’t anywhere near the price C2 filled

Please reach out to with the specifics including systemid and signalid.

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My advice: don’t trade options in the first 30 minutes after the market opened. You will be rundown by the freight train of machine orders. The fills are never going to be accurate. Just let the algos set the prices and then 10.30-11 am place a limit order. Life will be good. :wink: Cheers, Andrew