How to create a review?

A customer inquiry reached me today, saying the subscriber wanted to create a review on one of my systems but he can’t because he can’t find the button or link for it.

Since I’m a system vendor only I obviously wouldn’t get this function either so I couldn’t help him.

Is this button hidden somewhere or does it only appear after certain constraints are fulfilled? Are my systems too young maybe?


You are correct about the constraints. C2 will invite users to post reviews. Generally, one needs to be a subscriber for over seven days. Then, you will receive an invitation to review a system when you log in to the site.

I would like to note here that C2 does not allow people to re-review systems (even if you merely need to go back and correct a typo).


Thank you Alen.

I made a typo in a review and deleted it. But I can’t post an updated review on the system now. What should I do?