Writing reviews

Is it correct that one can only add a review for a limited amount of time? What weird idea is this?
So, one is asked to write a review very early, when one has way too little experience with a system to write a review and then once one gained experience, the button is removed?
This appears quite counter-productive, at least if quality reviews are the goal…


I agree. I also have the problem that when I want to write a review the button will only pop up on my phone
where there isn’t enough allowable space to submit the review. Therefore, I have not been able to submit
any reviews recently. The review system is good but has a few flaws.

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I’d like to see the return of the feature that allows systems devs to comment on reviews.


In my opinion this is a very important feature and I hope it will be reworked to functionality soon.

I agree, i feel as a paying subscriber i should be able to write a review of the system anytime i want. I have subscribed to so many systems and i have not been able to write review for most of those ( because when the message popped up - i did not want to write review that time as it was too early).

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I totally agree! I just recently sent an inquiry about this to the help desk and they reply was that they will consider this. To see reviews from subscribers who had experience with the system would be way more useful as reading the reviews that start “oh, it is my turn, I don’t know why and I don’t know what to say.” [The occasion was that I wanted to write a review about a system that I had several months of experience with; the system is 21 months old and there is not a single review about it. It happens to be a “featured system” – as I understand C2 collects some $$ to advertise a system like that. Just saying.]

Along these lines: I also sent a recommendation to the help desk that in order to really know what the “community” wants they should implement a public ‘voting’ board. This is a “great idea” too (and nothing happened.)

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I´ve also just sent a mail to the help desk about the review issue and the voting board / poll function. Most times it helps when many people directly voice their opinion with a mail rather than a forum thread. It doesn´t need much more time but we really do need those 2 features and C2 needs to be aware of it! So guys, lets make them aware of it.